Academic Railway Courses Taught at IST

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Railway Engineering

The course is included in the fifth year of the Integrated Master Degree (MSc) in Civil Engineering.

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Rail Transport

The course is included in the first year of the Master's Degree (MSc) in Transport Planning and Operations.

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Organization of Continued Learning Courses

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Course on Specialization in High-Speed Rail

This course is intended for current railway practitioners and provides a specialized railway training focusing on the main specifics of high-speed rail lines, transmitting the current state-of-the-art and the experience acquired from the most relevant European practice. The course addresses planning, design and maintenance of the main infrastructure sub-systems (track, switches, substructure, bridges, signalling, catenary, electrification, stations) with the participation of recognized European experts from the different fields. The whole Specialization Course (52h) is divided into 4 modules, which can be offered individually as separate courses:

  • Module 1: Ballasted and Ballastless Track (13h)
  • Module 2: Infrastructure and Installations (13h)
  • Module 3: Maintenance of High-Speed Rail Infrastructure (13h)
  • Module 4: Planning and Management of High-Speed Rail Systems (13h)

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Training Course on Railway Engineering

The introductory course provides an overview of how railways work. The course material covers the following aspects: physics principles, including wheel-rail interface and overview of forces; track and trackside equipment; proper dimensioning of lines, systems and subsystems, including bridges, tunnels energy and electrification, and signaling and telecommunication systems; information on railway line construction and refurbishment/upgrades; and an overview of organization and operation of railway systems. The whole Training Course (60h) is divided into 5 Modules, which can be offered individually as separate courses:

  • Module 1: Wheel-Rail fundamentals and Track Alignment (12h)
  • Module 2: Railway Track Project and Switches (12h)
  • Module 3: Design of substructure, bridges and Installations (12h)
  • Module 4: Construction, Monitoring, Maintenance and Renewal of Railway Infrastructure (12h)
  • Module 5: Organization and Operation of Railway Systems (12h)

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Organization of International Lifelong Learning Courses

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RailNewcastle (2012, 2013 and 2014)

RailNewcastle organized a 3-week intensive railway education programme held at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, in the UK. It involved 20 professors from 10 different European universities. The programme targets undergraduate students in order to introduce and/or deepen students' understanding of the railway industry. RailNewcastle involves a multidisciplinary approach, combining lectures, project-based work and technical visits to deepen students' understanding of the railway industry.

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Regular Participation in International Railway Courses